About BetterPoints

Reward yourself. Reward a charity of your choice. What could be better?

BetterPoints is a reward programme with a difference.

It encourages you to do something good - for you, your health or your community - and everyone benefits.

How do you earn BetterPoints?

It's simple: download the app from the App Store or Google Play and record what you’re doing. Take up a healthy activity. If you don’t already, try walking, cycling or taking public transport to and from work.

There is a BetterPoint in everything from walking, cycling or taking public transport, car sharing to volunteering. Earn points for different activities depending upon the programmes running in your area.

How can you use your BetterPoints?

Spend them on vouchers for high street chains or local independent shops, national charities or community causes that need your help to make the world a better place for everyone.

Who else benefits?

Everyone. Your activity helps councils and public health bodies understand local services better, such as which parks are the most popular, which parts of the city people like to cycle through and which bus routes need improving.

We work with local councils, public health bodies, organisations and employers to help people make great changes to their health, the environment and their communities.

We’re making the world better, bit by bit.

Work with us and make it even better.