What happens when the programme ends...?

Kerri French - 15 listopada 2017

We hope you have enjoyed using our app to earn BetterPoints.  The Get Active Hampshire programme has been running since March this year, over 700 people have taken part and it will end in December.

For those of you that are making your active habits stick, you will already know the more you do the more BetterPoints we give you. So whilst the programme is still running why not try and aim for 150 minutes of activity a week to gain all the points available to you?!

So what will happen in 2018?

You will still be able to earn rewards with BetterPoints. In January we will move you across into our UK wide  programme where you will earn BetterPoints at our basic rate for all your activities (until a new funded programme becomes available in your area). 

How do I spend or donate my BetterPoints?

You can spend your points either by rewarding yourself in our rewards section or donating some or all of them to charity via the donate section.  Alternatively, if you want to still accrue points that's fine, they will not disappear.  We will write to you in the future to remind you to spend or donate them if you have not used the app in quite some time. 

If you have any questions about BetterPoints please see the Frequently Asked Questions here or contact us via the 'help' function within the app.

Thank you for participating in Get Active Hampshire, we hope you have enjoyed earning enhanced rewards for walking, running and cycling. We do hope to bring more enhanced reward schemes to Hampshire in future.

Want to share you story?

If you would like to be part of a user story like Bridget, please get in touch customercare@betterpoints.uk  we would love to share your success and progress with others, we will reward you with some BetterPoints as a thank- you. 

The BetterPoints Team