Brum Breathes Programme!

09 maja 2017

We’ve launched an exciting new programme in Birmingham called Brum Breathes, in Partnership with Birmingham Connected, to incentivise people to choose more sustainable forms of transport within the city. Poor air quality causes around 900 early deaths a year in Birmingham and creates an additional burden on society in terms of social and economic costs particularly for children, the elderly and the more vulnerable and deprived communities in our city. Air pollution comes from a range of sources, but transport, especially road transport, is a major contributor.

How can you help? Pledge to actively reduce emissions by travelling more sustainably in Birmingham, either by walking, running or cycling to work, car sharing, or taking the train, bus or tram. It’s that simple! Record your activities with the BetterPoints app and you’ll receive points and bonuses for making a change. We've also got exciting challenges and activities for events throughout the summer, stay tuned for details!

To opt in to our programme, please click the programmes area of the app and join via the Brum Breathes banner, and don't forget to fill out our survey here to enter our prize draw for 25,000 BetterPoints!
Don't forget to add your BetterPoints email at the bottom of the survey so we can add you to the programme.