It’s an easy way of getting rewarded for being healthy

Chloe Foster - 01 lipca 2015

Chris Witkowski Chris Witkowski takes advantage of everyday opportunities to stay active. By cycling to work, he fits exercise into his daily life and shrinks his carbon footprint without changing his schedule, “Predominantly I cycle to work four out of five days a week,” he said. He uses BetterPoints to keep track of his miles and earn rewards for his daily commute.

Although driving his car to work would take about the same amount of time as cycling, the reward incentive behind BetterPoints encourages him to resist temptation and keep up his active lifestyle. “[BetterPoints] rewards me for doing sustainable means to travel to work,” Chris said. Don’t get him wrong, Chris loves his car, “It’s an amazing car, but it’s terrible for the environment and terrible on fuel,” he explained. “It’s a no brainer to cycle to work.”

He first discovered BetterPoints through twitter, and has been an avid user ever since. Chris has got so excited about the app that he has even motivated his friends to get more active with BetterPoints. “It’s an easy way of getting rewarded for being healthy,” he said.

Chris believes that his daily exercise has many health benefits, “Since I’ve started to cycle to work I haven’t been ill in 18 months,” he stated. “On top of that I get rewards as well which is even better.”

Not only is Chris cultivating a healthier standard of living for himself, he is getting real rewards for doing so. “The other day I got a free Xbox One game through cycling to work, it’s amazing!”

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