Walk your way to rewards in Hampshire!

Kerri French - 05 lipca 2017

Walking her way to rewards

Bridget has earned nearly 19,000 BetterPoints walking in the Havant area, she is saving up her points to trade them in for a shopping voucher which will pay for one of her Christmas presents this year. 

We want to reward you for your activity too. So why not get some comfy shoes on and get walking, or  join a local walking group to get out and about and earning rewards via your BetterPoints app.

Click here to find out more about walking in your area.

Photo: Bridget M out walking in Bedhampton near Havant.

'My favourite places to walk are mostly by the water, so the Billy Trail and around Farlington marshes.  These are places where I am able to get away from crowds and have down time with my dog and my partner.  We are so lucky to live in the part of the country we do with water all around us.  For me it is a relaxing place to be so I was definitely happy when the Royal Navy moved me to Portsmouth.' - Bridget M

Did you know that the app can do the hard work for you with Background Tracking?

Well apart from the walking, that's down to you! Select 'Background Tracking' and the app can detect when you are walking, (it will also detect when you running or cycling too) then it will reward you with points accordingly.

Don't miss out on being rewarded for your efforts - track a walk with BetterPoints today.