Walking my way to rewards, Cath's story

Kerri French - 23 stycznia 2018

We have recently  heard from Salford resident Cath how the BetterPoints app has encouraged her to walk further and more regularly. Here is what she had to say:

"As a person who has retired I am conscious of the need to keep active so when I discovered the BetterPoints app a few months ago it gave me the incentive I needed to get out and about.

I now walk on a daily basis taking my grandchildren to and from school. In addition to this I take my dog for walks which keeps him fit and active as well. Generally I walk locally but weather permitting I like to go further afield and recently I walked to the top of Old Man Coniston with my family.

I love checking how far I’ve walked and seeing how many points I’ve earned and the vouchers I receive I use to buy my grandchildren little treats. The app has also shown me how far I actually walk with very little effort and I actually enjoy it.

I have recommended the app to a number of my friends because I think it is brilliant." Cath M from Salford.

Well done Cath, we love to hear how BetterPoints helps people increase their activity and enjoy the rewards.